Light Of A New Beginning (2017)



Going on a ride take a shot come with me

Rolling down the street I am part of the beast

You gotta learn it the hard way

Playing by our rules

Messing with the toughest

Guess who is the toughest


Restless Nights

Living in a fast lane

Restless nights

Going to a show

Going down


Restless Nights

Living in a fast lane

Restless Nights

Rollin' like a train

Rockin' till the morning

Rockin out - out!

Out loud - loud!


Roughing up the crowd they want more getting loud

Firing up the amps bustin' back overpower

No mercy for the weak

We'll bring that noise to the peak

Only the strongest will survive

Survive the restless nights


Sleepless Nights

Rockin' till the morning

Endless fights

We will never die

You are going down

Down in downtown




This goes out to the ones who believe in our system

They pay the money for the next crime of our politicians

Working from 9 to 5 and everything is fine

just shut their eyes, what they don't see they don't min

Welcome to the show

The meaning of the money will grow

Increase and overflow

And less life to go


9 to 5 from the morning rise

through the night through the day

can't calm down tonight

And I realize, money ain't worth a dime

9 to 5 from the morning rise

I'm living in a world of a perfect crime

Time goes by take up a stance

Fight for your life don't lose your head


I think I'm in the role that I gotta have to teach you

They sell you wars and lies only hate is what they preach you

Deceiver, hate breeder, and fellow believer

this world is in trouble, getting deeper and deeper


Life, it seems to fade

you can't escape

sadly, time stops at nothing

and all what you lived for

is what you'll die for

money can't buy back time


Time is something you can't buy

but something you're surrounded by

all the time


Time goes by till you realize

you can't buy back time

money ain't worth a dime

Time goes by till you realize

you can't buy back time

money ain't worth a dime




Girl I promise you

my love for you is like a wave

But out in the sea

the things we had got washed away


You thought I was the right guy

The nice guy

You're such a pretty one

Gotta find another one

Take another man


I'm the Rebel at Heart

I'm gonna leave you scarred

Woman, better get your fingers off me


If I could be here for you

When you need me

I would be here for you

And not gonna leave you

Please believe me,

It's not easy

This fight I fight to find myself

Alone but in freedom


You said you love me

Honestly that I never doubt

See the boy, look him in the eye

He's a wild guy, a devil in disguise!

The rebel at heart is gonna leave you scarred

Gonna make you cry, he's a man on trial!


It's a big big world for me out there

I gotta see see all the things out there

And/But I swear, I love you, I will do

I miss you, I need you

I saved a place in my heart for you


The things we had

we laid to rest

another day

another way

but tonight

I feel alright




 It took time to realize

I was a devil in disguise

I took the turn I made it quick

On the day that I was hit

By you


I changed my life and life changed me

So many things I didn’t see

So many things I should have done

All these things come down to one


Change me!

Or I will never be myself

Unchain me!

Or I will never be myself


And it was time for things to change!


There was someone who took my hand

She could never understand

What she really means to me

With all the love she gave

She made me a stronger man

Changed my mind and then

Changed my life


She became more than what she was

I just couldn´t get enough

Her eyes, her skin – so bright, so soft

Her touch, her lips – so good, so hot


So with this song one man

Takes heart to say

What he should have said a long time ago

And it follows:

Girl I need you

Until the day I fall apart

Girl I want you

From the bottom of my heart

Yeah I see you

And I need you

And I never wanna miss you

And I wanted to tell you!


Yeah I see you

And I need you

And I never wanna miss you

And I wanted to tell you:

I love you




I catch the first train

I won’t return

Out of this city, out of this world

Out of this universe

They try to break me but

My will is strong

They try to take me, try to fake me

But I won’t belong


Oh the earth turns night and day

I don’t mind

Oh the world’s a masquerade

And the lies go around


So many follow      

Like flies do light

With blinded minds

And no reflection of the other side

They illustrate to integrate you

A fucking lie!

No good intentions of the ones

Who built this alibi

Nobody can ever change this world

People are blind

For all the reasons I don’t care

I follow no one anywhere

This world is lost forevermore

This is the end


Well I follow nobody

Nobody’s gonna change it / Nobody's gonna change me

I said: “nobody”!




I will go to war

I will leave my wife and child

I will shoot and kill

To save a future life


1945 – I went out to fight

Panthers sneak and bite

Seek, strike, and destroy

1945 - end of our lives

No one told us why

Heroes have to die


Nothing will take my will away

Blood for honor I will spill

Uncle Sam has taught me well

To fight for freedom I must kill


Buried in a trench of lies

I now know what it means to fight

Illusions of a battlefield

Where good wins and evil flees

Destroyed within a blink of an eye

When a bullet hits my spine

And what they have told us is wise

Of victory and endless pride

“For the greater good of Freedom

Some men have to die”

Vanishes into a bright light

And all that I can ask myself

Is where is my freedom when I die?


Charley Havlat gilt als der letzte, auf europäischem Boden getötete Soldat des WWII. Er diente im 803rd Tank Destroyer Battalion (Motto: Seek, strike, and destroy). Am 7. Mai, einen Tag vor Kriegsende in Europa, wurde er in der Tschechoslowakei, dem Geburtsland seiner Eltern getötet. 




Hello, and bye bye baby

You know, that I go crazy

There will be no discussions

Don't you even try

Don't look at me this way babe

Don't even dare to cry

One million reasons

One million times

One million chances

One million lies


I know you don't wanna hear about it 

You know I can't stand this for another round

You, You just take your part right out of it

I'm pleased to hear if you can make it without me


It's kind of funny when I say you can 

Kiss your ass goodbye

I gotta quit this baby now,

don't ask me why

Boom! Shotgun Fire!

The Barrel's spitting bullets at me

Your desire, I'm hurt but alive

I survived as you see

One million reasons

One million times

One million chances

One million lies


Take your wings and fly 

Over the mountain top

To the city on the other side

Now listen girl: "I'm fed up with all your emotional breakdowns

and mood swings 24/7 in a row without any reason

Go and mess around with somebody else bitch!" Fuck Off!




We all have scars on our souls 

But hope in our hearts

To find answers to questions

That remain unasked


Where do I go? Will I be free? 

Will I be proud of the person I’ll be?

What is my way? Will it be easy or steep?

Will I be able to keep the promise I made?


And now I feel like I am losing my way 

Never sure to leave or stay

Standing like a scarecrow on a field

Paralyzed by hate and fear

Clothes in tatters by the doubts of me

I’m a scarsoul

I’m a scarred soul

I’m a scarsoul

‘cause my soul is scarred


You’re going down! You won’t be free! 

You are the person I want you to be!

I am your way – delicate rough

And I deny you to keep the promise you made


Can I be upright when days will be dark? 

Will I be able to stand up with heart?

Is it easier to live or even harder to die?

Is it easier to care or even harder to try?


You are a coward, a sinner, a beast 

Standing for nothing fallen on your knees

It is easy to die but harder to live

It is easy to take and harder to give


Where do I go? - Scarsoul 

All that remains - Scarsoul

Will I be free? - Scarsoul

Free to be me - Scarsoul

Will I be proud? – Scarsoul

All that I have – Scarsoul

What is my way? - Scarsoul

I've fallen on my knees


We all have scars on our souls

But hope in our hearts

Running in Circles

Moving too fast


I am a Scarsoul – Scarsoul 

I am a scarred Soul -Scarsoul

I am a Scarsoul – Scarsoul

‘cause my soul is scarred

I, I am, I am a scarred

I am a scarred

I am a scarred

I am a scarred soul